Advises for prevention from dental caries

Prevention your tooth from pain and dental caries is important and easier than dental treatment whatever little cost or facilitate its ways
So it is important to follow these instructions :
1- decrease of sweets:

Eating too much of sweets , sugar , tea and coffee with sugar ,soft drinks and chocolate leading to increase dental caries because all of these contain large amount of sugar so you must decrease administration of food contain sugar and make attention for your children do not eating sweets to protect their teeth.
2- Brushing at least twice daily:
You must brushing your teeth immediately after eating of sweets and for your children its better to start brushing at time of deciduous teeth eruption , learn and follow them for brushing their teeth
3- Using dental floss
Its better to us dental floss for cleaning among your teeth
4- Fluoride material
Fluoride is important for prevention your teeth from dental caries , so adding it to water or putting directly on teeth can protect your teeth
Therefore advice giving to dental centers to put fluoride on children teeth twice a year but attention must be give to avoid taking fluoride more than required limit –this is find in the south Jordan water - and may lead to fluorosis (Stains ranging from yellow to dark brown) also taking large amount of fluoride leading to toxicity so it mist be away from children

5- Avoid bottle feeding
Continuous bottle feeding lead to cover baby teeth with layers and this lead to early tooth caries so its preferable to avoid taking bottle feeding to your children but if it is got ,the mother should clean her baby teeth after each feeding with moisture clean cloth